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Getting to grips with the Cisco UCS Emulator

Cisco have been distributing the UCS emulator for a while now, and thanks to some changes, I am now faced with having to deploy some of the systems, so today I deployed the emulator on VMware Fusion on my MBP.


You can download the emulator in a zip or OVA, and it can be run on VMware ESXi, Fusion, Workstation or Player.


I decided to go down the OVA route.

Setting it up

On fusion, I imported the OVA and gave it a name, it is also recommended to run the emulator with around 4GB of memory, however 1GB is the minimum amount.

2015-04-07_20-35-36 2015-04-07_20-35-36_01 2015-04-07_20-35-38 2015-04-07_20-35-37 2015-04-07_20-35-38_01

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