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VMware LifeCycle Manager – Migration error “SSH is not enabled or invalid” – LCMMIGRATION15102

During my migration from vRSLCM 2.1 patch 2 to the latest version 8 release, I encountered the following error;

Error Code: LCMMIGRATION15102

vRSLCM Migration Failed with SSH is not enabled or Root credential invalid. Please make sure SSH is enabled or porvide the correct root credential by adding the credential to the home page locker app

Pretty obvious error, however the provided root credentials were correct, and I could use putty to connect to my existing LCM instance.

The fix

I spoke with an internal VMware employee about this, the suggestion was to just create the same authentication details again in the locker and chose them on the retry. However I decided to just go ahead and reset the SSH user on my old environment as a precaution as well.

1. Old LCM Instance > Go to Settings > System Administration

Scroll down find the section to reset the “root” user as below, enter the new password and confirm, then select save.

I would recommend you test connecting to the old LCM instance using ssh and the new creds at this stage.

2. New LCM instance, go to the locker app, and then click for passwords, you will see just icons on the left hand side but you can click the >> to expand the navigation pane.

3. Add your new credentials and save

4. Go back to Requests, find your failed task under “invokemigration” and select to retry.

You will be given an option to select which credentials you want to retry with, select your new credentials object and hit submit!

(This type of feature where you can respecify the variables on a retry is something I’ve asked for a lot!).

5. And fingers crossed you will then see the request complete successfully.



Nimble Storage – The life of a failed disk

Today I found out a disk had failed in a production SAN. Oh no!!!

But like previous experiences, this is different. And my support experience is pretty darn good. So I thought lets write this up. Because you always here about the terrible failures and pain in the arse experiences, never the good.

Note:  This post is about the support experience, but it must be noted, there was performance or end user impact during this failure either!

The notifications

So the first notification came in, telling me the disk was unhealthy and that it was being inspected by the array, the main thing is;

  • Informed me of the issue
  • Informed me of the actions

Second notification, confirmation the RAID was in a degraded state.

Third notification,  confirmation the disk had failed.

The support call

Or rather the lack of support call, I logged onto Nimble Infosight. Continue reading Nimble Storage – The life of a failed disk

[Quick Post] Citrix Receiver – Clean uninstall tool – #vDM30in30

The issue

On my work based Windows 8.1 VM, I was finding that Citrix Receiver would crash any time I opened an ICA file from a Web Interface/StoreFront website, this meant that any desktop or application would not work.

  • I removed Citrix Receiver
  • I upgraded Citrix Receiver
  • I installed as the actual local admin
  • I installed the plugins for other browsers

But every time, the same, the process would stop responding.

The Fix

Occasionally software vendors release “clean up” tools, to remove their pesky applications completely, to fix underlying issues. And Citrix are the same.

Citrix Receiver Clean-up Tool

So I ran this, rebooted my machine. Installed the latest Citrix Receiver, connected up to my customers environment, and voila, it worked!

So this is a quick post incase anyone didn’t know this tool existed.


Veeam upgrade to v8 – Enterprise Manager fails with Access Control List error

So the other day I blogged about the Veeam v8 upgrade, and as mentioned my Enterprise Manager didn’t work, giving the error;

The Access Control List is not in canonical form and therefore cannot be modified.


So I logged a call with Veeam to get it fixed.

Error Logs

Basically giving logs such as the below.

Continue reading Veeam upgrade to v8 – Enterprise Manager fails with Access Control List error