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Citrix XenDesktop – Password Reset not working on Wyse Terminals

The Issue

Users password has expired

When logging onto a Wyse Client (in this case a C10LE or Dx0D running the latest firmware), you are told your password has expired. You are given the option to change your password, once you click OK, you are presented with the following message;


The Cause

Turning on Verbose mode on the Storefront server and running Microsoft DebugView Tool to view the output files (C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver Storefront\Admin\Trace)

Here is the Citrix KB on setting up verbose logging and reading the trace files.

Add-PSSnapin Citrix.DeliveryServices.Framework.Commands

Set-DSTraceLevel –All –TraceLevel Verbose

Get-Service "CitrixConfigurationReplication" | Restart-Service
Get-Service "CitrixCredentialWallet" | Restart-Service
Get-Service "CitrixDefaultDomainService" | Restart-Service
Get-Service "CitrixSubscriptionsStore" | Restart-Service
Get-Service "Citrix Peer Resolution Service" | Restart-Service

Set-DSTraceLevel –All –TraceLevel Off
  • In the debug we could see that when the password reset tokens were sent;
[21620] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE AdminProtocol SYSTEM "Admin.dtd">test.user</UserName><Domain type="NT">STUDENT</Domain><OldPassword>oranges</OldPassword><NewPassword>apples</NewPassword></RequestChangePassword></AdminProtocol>

Here you can make out that the above highlighted words are the user credentials and the old and new password.

  • There was a response stating;
[21620] PnaAuthenticationLogic: Authenticate response status: FailedInvalidDomain, isSuccess: False, password expired: False
  • We also seen a “Charlotte” error as well;
[21620] PnaAuthenticationExplicitController: PnaAuthenticationException from change password Citrix.DeliveryServices.PnaProtocol.Authentication.PnaAuthenticationException: CharlotteErrorBadCredentials

Below is a dissection of the debug output;


The Fix

The fix was to change the Wyse configuration file (WNOS.ini) for the line that puts in the available domains to the FQDN rather than the NETBIOS name for each domain.

Our old configuration was;

  • DomainList=”Student,Admin”

Our new configuration was;

  • DomainList=”Student.educationalcentre.co.uk,Admin.educationalcentre.co.uk”

We could then see that in the debug file, the line describing the domain details, includes the FQDN.

<Domain type="NT">STUDENT.Educationalcentre.co.uk</Domain>

This issue was not apparent when using Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 and Citrix Web Interface, only when we migrated to XenDesktop 7.6 and StoreFront Services, which I imagine uses a higher level of security, meaning passing the NETBIOS name through is unacceptable now.



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Password Reset on Cisco MDS 9100 Series Fibre Channel Switch

My most recent customer engagement, was to re-use some older hardware as vSphere disaster recovery. The kit includes a EMC Clariion SAN, and two Cisco MDS 9124 switches.

The customer didn’t setup these FC switches, and required a password reset. Which I was happy to do for him, until I realised the Cisco article online is slightly wrong. So below are the steps I took to get the job done.

Password Reset/Recovery Steps

First off stick your console cable into the switch,

1. Power Cycle the Switch and keep pressing Ctrl + C until you see;


2. You then need to find the boot filename, using the “dir” command

loader> dir bootflash:

 12288 lost+found/
 18678784 m9100-s2ek9-kickstart-mz.4.1.3a.bin
 51055100 m9100-s2ek9-mz.4.1.3a.bin
 4798 mts.log

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