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Taking Exams? Know your learning style

I’ve noticed a lot of activity online about people taking exams before a particular deadline.

  • VCP Delta Exam
  • VCP-NV (No course requirement if you’re a CCNA/CCNP)
  • CCNP R+S Exam (Last 642 Series exams before 29th Jan 2015)

And just exams in general, regardless of a deadline.


I’m writing this post, mainly because I’ve been struggling to revise. And others will too, also being out of education for a number of years, you forget all those great techniques you never bothered to listen to when you did your exams in high school.

But now, you can re-learn and enhance yourself. đŸ˜‰


I hate it, I always have. Its hard, it’s boring, and I could be doing other stuff I hate like tidying up.

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Cisco CCNP Training Course – Day 4 – ROUTE

Day 4 – Kind of, the course has mostly followed each of my post, however I have kind of mixed and match a few things so they flow better.

Also i’ve found out how to truncate my posts on the homepage, so it says, click here to read more, or something to that effect!

As you can imagine, something’s whilst labbing a few things, it can all get muddled.

Just one more quick note, I bought the revision materials from here https://www.ccnpguide.com

I’ve not had a change to look through them properly, but they are well set out and look like a fantastic quick revision guide with all the commands and tidbits of info you need for the exam.

So the topics that will be covered in this one are;

  • OSPF Summerization
  • OSPF Default Route
  • LSA/LSU Types
  • Special Areas (Stubby and Not-So-Stubby-Area)
  • OSPF Redistribution
  • Routing Protocol – Route Filtering
  • ACLs for route filtering
  • Route-Map for route filtering
  • Prefix-List for route filtering
  • Policy-Based Routing
  • IPv6
  • IPv6 with OSPFv3
  • IPv6 OSPFv3 Virtual-Link

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