Freebies and Referrals

This page is just a list of things I use daily where I can provide referrals to give something away for free etc. I may also get something from it.

I’ll only post items on here that I’d use regardless of referral bonuses. And my website takes no sponsorship from any vendor/company.

krisp ai

Is your background a little noisy at home for conference calls? Or even worse, is your colleagues pets drowning them out?

Krisp is a software product which filters and cleans up the audio on both your microphone and speakers.

Sign up below for 1 month free pro of Krisp. There is also a free tier of the app.

I personally can’t recommend it enough and will be paying for a full subscription when my trial ends.

trading212 e1613991154206

To the Moon? GameStock news caught your eye? Or already been interested in investing?

Trading212 has a nice simple to use platform and a good IOS app. Do your research and your money is at risk if you invest.

If you use Trading212 to risk your cash though, we’ll both get a free stock worth up to $100 from Trading212 as a sign up bonus, once you make your first purchase through the platform.