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Veeam VMCE Course & Exam Experience

So I passed my VMCE exam the other week.

Basically I sat the course and the exam due to working for a Veeam Gold partner, which requires that the partner has one certified person to keep the status.


The Course

Overall with the use of Veeam Certified Engineer title, Im not convinced it lives up to using the Engineer name, I think Administrator should be better? The course material seems to be a bit of a rehash of the administrators guide for the software, plus the PDFs on deployment methods. The troubleshooting section is a bit lack lustre, its basically how to use the Veeam console to export the logs to send to Veeam. No information on how to find and use the logs yourself.

I’ll write up some revision notes for Veeam, as it will help with day to day usage as well as planning and designing a Veeam deployment. However with Version 8 around the corner, I’ll wait for that to come out.

The Exam

Obviously you agree to an NDA when taking the exam, so I can’t talk much about it, however you need to know the GUI very well, and the options presented when performing tasks within the Veeam Console.

See here for a mock exam created by If you work for a Partner its also worth taking the Veeam Partner Exams, VMSP and VMTSP, which I did also, and are located on the Veeam ProPartner Portal.

The bulk of the Exam revolved around B+R component, with a small amount on Veeam One and nothing on Veeam Management Pack. There were a number of questions around deployment options including diagrams presents.

The time given for the exam I found was adequate.

So yeah, I wouldnt have voluntary sat the course or Exam, I’ve been using Veeam for a number of years now, and if the option of just sitting the Exam was available, I probably would have done it, would I have passed without the course? Probably.

Overall I feel the course/exam is pitched at the wrong level of user for the price range. I sat a 10 day Cisco CCNP course for a fraction of the price for the Veeam VMCE 3 day course. If you needed to learn Veeam to work with it on a day to day basis, Veeam offer loads of free online videos for this purpose, so the Exam just doesnt sit right with me.

Was this blog any use to you? Probably as much as the VMCE course will be.

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