Interview with Daniel Bryant, Ambassador Labs – Kubernetes, PaaS, Err what’s next?

I’m really excited to get this interview out of the door. I missed Daniel’s session at KubeCon, “From Kubernetes to PaaS to … Err, What’s Next?”. The room was packed, I wasn’t able to sit in, so instead I watched it from the KubeCon live stream, sat on the beanbags in the hallway.

The session was fantastic, but I couldn’t ask any questions afterwards. So I dropped Daniel a message on twitter, and he agreed to chat, and be recorded for an interview.

Originally, we parked 25 minutes for the interview, but had so much fun we ended up at 47 minutes or so. Rather than cut everything down back to the 25 minutes mark. I decided to split the interview in two halves, so you can listen during your coffee breaks.

We break down Daniel’s KubeCon session in more depth, but importantly for me, give it a platform/infrastructure operations spin, as this is my background in IT as I build my knowledge in the Cloud Native world and learn knew technology and software.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it! (YouTube Playlist).

Part 1

Part 2


Dean Lewis

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