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VMware Tanzu Mission Control – Workspaces and Policies

In this blog post we will cover the following topics

- Tanzu Mission Control 
- - Workspaces 
- - - Creating a workspace
- - - Creating a managed Namespace
- - - Viewing a managed Namespace
- - Policy Driven Cluster Management
- - - Creating a Image Registry Policy
- - - Creating a Network Policy

The follow up blog posts are;

- Getting Started Tanzu Mission Control
- - TMC Resource Hierarchy
- - Creating a Cluster Group
- - Attaching a cluster to Tanzu Mission Control
- - Viewing your Cluster Objects
- Cluster Inspections
- - Cluster Inspections Overview 
- - What Inspections are available 
- - Performing Inspections 
- - Viewing Inspections
- - Data Protection
- - - Data Protection Overview 
- - - Create a AWS Data Protection Credential 
- - - Enable Data Protection on a Cluster 
- - - Running a backup manually or via an automatic schedule 
- - - Restoring your dat


Workspaces provide an application view, where you logically group Kubernetes Namespaces together, regardless of the cluster to which they are attached.

This is in contrast to Cluster Groups, which are focused on the infrastructure view.

These Workspaces can be created to align to your projects or applications, from a hierarchy point of view, you would then authorize your users to these Workspaces, so that they can monitor and manage the namespaces related to their function.

Creating a Workspace

Click the Workspace navigation view on the left-hand side, and then New Workspace.

Tanzu Mission Control New Workspace

Specify your Workspace name, and provide the optional description and labels, these can be added after creation if needed.

Tanzu Mission Control New Workspace Creation

Now you have a Workspace, it’s no good without any associated Namespaces, so let’s continue.

Creating a managed Namespace

All Namespaces attached to a Workspace will be managed Namespaces under TMC.

To create a managed Namespace, you can do this in one of four places;

  • Within the Workspace Navigation view
  • Inside the Workspace Object itself
  • On the Namespace Navigation view
  • On the Cluster Object > Navigation Tab

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Using PowerCLI to create Virtual Machine Port Groups

So basically I had a host failure where all of the configure was lost, if I was more savvy with Powershell/PowerCLI, I would have been able to rebuild it all via scripts, but that clones the settings from a working host.

But nevermind that is for a different day of learning.

So I configured the host to the point of Networking, so the vSwitches had the correct NICs, but I needed to do all the port groups, which in the GUI if you have a few to do is time consuming.

So in PowereCLI, pull all of your information, port-group names and VLAN IDs.

Get-Vmhost -name <FQDN of host> | Get-VirtualSwitch -name  | Get-VirtualPortGroup


To create a port-group

Get-Vmhost -name <FQDN of host> | Get-VirtualSwitch -Name  | New-VirtualPortgroup -Name "Name of PG" -VlanID

Obviously this is a very short crude method of achieving what I need, but here you can see the basic building blocks needed to create Port Group in PowerCLI.