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Tanzu Observability – Configuring vRealize Operations Cloud Integration

In this blog post, I am going to cover the configuration and consumption of the Tanzu Observability integration with vRealize Operations Cloud.

  • As this is blog post is released during VMware Explore, under the announcement of the VMware Aria brand for Cloud Management tooling, these products will become
    • vRealize Operations Cloud > VMware Aria Operations
    • Tanzu Observability > VMware Aria Operations for Applications

Below is a recording I put together, covering the same content as this blog post in 10 minutes or less.

Create a Cloud Services Portal API Token

The official documentation for this integration can be found here.

First, we need to create an API token that provides the following access:

  • Organisation Member
  • vRealize Operations Cloud > vROPs ReadOnly

Go to My Account in the CSP by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner, then My Account. Select the API Tokens tab and generate an API token.

Save the API Token to a safe space for use in the next step. Continue reading Tanzu Observability – Configuring vRealize Operations Cloud Integration