Installing VMware Horizon View Composer fails with Error 1920

The issue

So today I was installing VMware Horizon View Composer on my Server 2012 R2 vCenter machine, where the SQL database is also local to this machine.

And I came across the below error,

"Error 1920, Service VMware Horizon View Composer (svid) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start the system service"

Which I something I’ve dealt with before, but I must admit I forgot the fix, and was looking into the following area’s;

  • Check account is Administrator and has “Log on as a Service” right
  • Check there is no pending restarts
  • Check ODBC is set up correctly and gives a successful message when testing


The fix

The issue actually turns out that the service is installed with “Local System” as the account, and it should be the account that is used to connect to the SQL Database.

So run the installer until it gets to the above error message, and open up your services.msc


So a quick change to the correct domain details, and then press retry on the installer dialog box, and your fixed.

2014-11-21_20-43-31 2014-11-21_20-43-58





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