Nimble Storage Array 660x495

Nimble Storage – How to update an array

In keeping with the whole Nimble is really to use theme, updates are the same,

lets take a look;

1. Open up your web portal to the Nimble Array, click on Administration and then Software.

2014-09-16_12-37-33 Nimble

2. Click the download button, select the update needed, and the progress will be displayed.

2014-09-15_15-23-04-0014Nimble 2014-09-15_15-23-13-0013Nimble 2014-09-15_15-29-39-0010Nimble

3. Now click the update button, Accept the EULA.

  • a health check will be performed ensuring both controllers can get to the correct LAN segments first;
  • Once passed the update will begin, going through 7 stages (some of the screenshots show these stages as well).

2014-09-15_15-37-06-0009Nimble 2014-09-15_15-37-31-0008Nimble 2014-09-15_15-37-39-0007Nimble 2014-09-15_15-37-51-0006Nimble

2014-09-15_15-52-08-0001Nimble 2014-09-15_15-50-33-0002Nimble 2014-09-15_15-46-10-0003Nimble 2014-09-15_15-44-13-0004Nimble 2014-09-15_15-41-26-0005Nimble

5. Once completed you will see the below screen, listing the new firmware as current, and the old firmware as previous;


It’s that quick and simple we even do this for customers during business hours and touch wood we have yet to have an issue!



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