[Quick Post] Citrix Receiver – Clean uninstall tool – #vDM30in30

The issue

On my work based Windows 8.1 VM, I was finding that Citrix Receiver would crash any time I opened an ICA file from a Web Interface/StoreFront website, this meant that any desktop or application would not work.

  • I removed Citrix Receiver
  • I upgraded Citrix Receiver
  • I installed as the actual local admin
  • I installed the plugins for other browsers

But every time, the same, the process would stop responding.

The Fix

Occasionally software vendors release “clean up” tools, to remove their pesky applications completely, to fix underlying issues. And Citrix are the same.

Citrix Receiver Clean-up Tool

So I ran this, rebooted my machine. Installed the latest Citrix Receiver, connected up to my customers environment, and voila, it worked!

So this is a quick post incase anyone didn’t know this tool existed.


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