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Exam Experience – VMware VCP6-DT #vDM30in30

Today I took the VCP6-DT exam. It will be retired on 30th November 2015. And is replaced by the VCP6-DTM exam, as part of the VMware exam overhaul.

So why take an expiring exam?

Well VMware is kindly going to upgrade it to the VCP6-DTM anyway.


I’ve spent a number of years as a VMware customer running a large VDI deployment, from administration to re-architecture of the environment. I never took the exam due to a number of reasons. One being the course requirement, and the fact my employer would not send me on a £2500+ training course. Since then I’ve done my VCP6-NV and my VCP5-DCV, so slowly I’ve chiselled away at going through the topics and preparing myself for the VCP6-DT, so with them offering to upgrade it, and the fact I don’t really touch some of the newer products (app volumes, air watch etc). I decided to stick with the VCP6-DT.

So whats the difference between the VCP6-DT and VCP6-DTM?

So for this, I refer to Paul Grevink’s blog post, as he has covered most of the differences.

Here is a quick summary;

Comparison between the VCP6-DT and VCP6-DTM objectives:

- The VCP6-DT has 12 sections; the VCP6-DTM has only 6 sections.

- The 6 missing sections (7-12) covered topics also found in the well-known VCP-DCV exams; like basic vSphere networking, storage, deployment of virtual machines.

- Imho it does not make sense to repeat these objectives in this exam while the VCP-DCV certification is a prerequisite.

- There have been some changes in Objective 1.1 (differentiate Horizon View Components)

- VCP6-DT, objective 1.5 topics related to RDSH have disappeared

- VCP6-DT, objective 12.3 has been moved and renamed to section 1.6 (vRealize Operations Manager For Horizon)

There is also this VMware communities forum post.

So how was the exam?

It was easier than expected. I got topics on;

  • Core horizon view components
  • a few questions on mirage
  • few DCV type questions about core vSphere

I would imagine at the moment a good number of these questions transpose over to the new DTM exam, as its only been out since August.

It was clear the content hasn’t been updated in a while, but that suited me, as above, I’ve worked lots with core Horizon View, but not some of the other components they have bought and integrated.

I’d say that going forward a lot of posts out there will still be very relevant. I spent my time revising using the Mastering Horizon 6 book by Barry Coombs/Peter von Oven, and reviewing sessions I’ve sat in at the last two VMworlds. I knew that Mirage would feature, as it’s in the blue print, so I read the VMware based blog posts that provided an overview/ light deep dive.


Well there’s not much to say as in a few days this exam will be retired, however a general bit that annoys me is the fact VMware don’t give you an “how well you did in these areas” type graph on the form. I presume I didn’t get full marks due to the mirage questions, but all the other ones I felt pretty confident.

Onto the next one now.



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