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[Quick Post] Sharing a generic Troubleshooting poster I found online #vDM30in30

I found this post on Reddit, where a user had created a generic troubleshooting poster. It’s not aligned to any tech, but can be very useful, especially those getting started in IT.


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Exam Experience – VMware VCP6-DT #vDM30in30

Today I took the VCP6-DT exam. It will be retired on 30th November 2015. And is replaced by the VCP6-DTM exam, as part of the VMware exam overhaul.

So why take an expiring exam?

Well VMware is kindly going to upgrade it to the VCP6-DTM anyway.


I’ve spent a number of years as a VMware customer running a large VDI deployment, from administration to re-architecture of the environment. I never took the exam due to a number of reasons. One being the course requirement, and the fact my employer would not send me on a £2500+ training course. Since then I’ve done my VCP6-NV and my VCP5-DCV, so slowly I’ve chiselled away at going through the topics and preparing myself for the VCP6-DT, so with them offering to upgrade it, and the fact I don’t really touch some of the newer products (app volumes, air watch etc). I decided to stick with the VCP6-DT.

So whats the difference between the VCP6-DT and VCP6-DTM?

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Yet again, ESXi 6.0, CBT issues #vDM30in30

So here we are again, rounding the year off with yet another change block tracking warning.

I’ve written posts previously on the CBT bugs found in 5.5 and below and those found when vSphere 6.0 was released into the wild.

So whats the issue this time?

Basically it is the same as last time, the wrong sectors of data locations are returned by CBT when requested by your backup software. Meaning it targets the wrong data to backup.

Here is the official VMware KB 2136854. Which describes the following;

When running virtual machine backups which utilize Changed Block Tracking (CBT) in ESXi 6.0, you experience these symptoms:

 - The CBT API call QueryDiskChangedAreas() API call can sometimes      return incorrect changed sectors, which results in inconsistent  incremental virtual machine backups.

 - Inconsistent virtual machine backups

All incremental backups which utilize CBT are potentially affected.

Anton Gostev, Veeam, has released a lengthy email to Veeam customers and Gostev lovers stating the following (you can follow the veeam forum post here); Continue reading Yet again, ESXi 6.0, CBT issues #vDM30in30

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Book Review – Citrix XenDesktop CookBook Third Edition – #vDM30in30

So my second book review has been one I’ve looked to write for a while.

I had the chance to work with Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop in-depth as part of a virtualisation platform upgrade at a large educational establishment. Citrix is not my strong point, I’m more of a VMware person incase you hadn’t noticed.

This book was released as my project was coming to an end, after I had learnt the Citrix 7.6 product set from scratch, but I still thought it was worth a read. The author Gaspare A. Silvestri is a 10 plus year veteran with a heavy virtualisation background, and this isn’t his first Citrix Book!

Citrix XenDesktop Cookbook Third Edition Front Cover

The book itself jumps straight into how to install or upgrade an existing XenDesktop environment. It’s set out listing all the pre-reqs and then takes you step by step through the install process with screenshots as well. Continue reading Book Review – Citrix XenDesktop CookBook Third Edition – #vDM30in30

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Book Review – Countdown to Zero Day #vDM30in30

After hearing about this book via twitter, and having an upcoming 8 hour flight plus holiday coming up, I decided to take a plunge into something a little different. Usually I’m more of a Stephen King fan or head buried into a technical book.

Countdown to Zero Day Front Cover

Stuxnet was one of the biggest developments in this side of the century, yet its creator remains faceless. Meaning its impact on the very devices we are using to read this blog post goes unnoticed in day-to-day life.

Kim has produced a book, which has far surpassed anything I’ve read in this category. Her writing style makes the information accessible to all technical levels, but the thing I enjoyed most was depth of research which split out of the pages to tell the story of the game changing malicious code, and choreographing this against the politic history of the West vs the Middle East.

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