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Book Review – Countdown to Zero Day #vDM30in30

After hearing about this book via twitter, and having an upcoming 8 hour flight plus holiday coming up, I decided to take a plunge into something a little different. Usually I’m more of a Stephen King fan or head buried into a technical book.

Countdown to Zero Day Front Cover

Stuxnet was one of the biggest developments in this side of the century, yet its creator remains faceless. Meaning its impact on the very devices we are using to read this blog post goes unnoticed in day-to-day life.

Kim has produced a book, which has far surpassed anything I’ve read in this category. Her writing style makes the information accessible to all technical levels, but the thing I enjoyed most was depth of research which split out of the pages to tell the story of the game changing malicious code, and choreographing this against the politic history of the West vs the Middle East.

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