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Cisco CCNP Training – Bootcamp Roundup

So this post is mainly a big round-up of the day by day posts I made of my CCNP bootcamp notes.

Here is a list by topics covered each day to make it easier for you to jump into.

There is no TSHOOT posts at the moment, as the idea of TSHOOT is covered in ROUTE and SWITCH, however I will post something to do with troubleshooting in the future.

The training resources I used were

For my fancy Visio Diagrams, please find them on dropbox here. (I only ask that credit is given where used, as these were created by myself.) Examples below;

Policy-Based RoutingBGP Topologies - Full mesh - MPLSGateway Load Balacing Protocol

Cisco CCNP Training Course – Day 1 – ROUTE
  • EIGRP Timers
  • EIGRP Troubleshooting
  • EIGRP Lab Topolopy

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Cisco CCNP Training Course – Day 2 – ROUTE

So lets dive into Day 2,

One of the things I will also aim to do is re-create the topologies in Packet Tracer and upload the files for your use at some point in the future, here’s what we covered today;

  • EIGRP Cont…
  • EIGRP Authentication
  • EIGRP Summerization
  • EIGRP route propagation
  • EIGRP Stub Networks
  • EIGRP Timers
  • OSPF Intro


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Cisco CCNP Training Course – Day 1 – ROUTE

Note: This is a dump from my notes of the day, I will write more posts on each subject for my training in the future and elaborate as I go on.

Just a quick late night post. Due to the changing of the CCNP exams from 31st January, its spurred me on to do something Exam wise, I’m self studying the CCNA Security, but after finding a cheap last-minute deal with the Knowledge Academy, I’ve booked myself on a 10 day CCNP course.

I don’t expect to be able to pass the exam’s at the end of the course, after all its essentially 3 Cisco Press books, once per exam (SWITCH, ROUTE, TSHOOT). And some training vendors offer this course for 15 days +. Therefore I expect to be catapulted into the CCNP curriculum allowing me to continue my deeper studies further and pass the exam.

Just before I booked this course, I also bought Chris Byrant’s video course on udemy.com (gave me free CCNA Security Videos too!), I’ve not watched the videos for the CCNP yet, but for the CCNA Security the website seems buggy!

What I learnt today – Start on CCNP Route

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