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How to Elevate to Root Access with WinSCP

I was using WinSCP to transfer logs from a VMware CloudBuilder appliance to troubleshoot a failed lab deployment, however the files wouldn’t transfer as the user account to be used had to have root access. For this appliance, you need to elevate to root after login.

Good news, WinSCP can elevate to root after login, In your connection settings pane;

  1. Click Advanced
  2. Under “Environment” select “SCP/Shell”
  3. For the shell value, enter your command to elevate
  4. Save the configuration

When you next connect to your appliances, the command will be sent after login.

Winscp elevate to root

The official pages are here.



2 thoughts on “How to Elevate to Root Access with WinSCP

    1. It could be your command to elevate is incorrect, or some kind of configuration of the host you are trying to connect to. Can you successfully elevate when you SSH to the host, using the same credentials.

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