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The idea of creating real world educational materials, such as training books, guides, tutorials, is not a new idea.

However after working on both sides of the fence in IT, teaching an IT based curriculum as well as working under different roles in IT, such as Service Desk Support, Engineer, Team seniors. There is a definitive gap between the “theory” taught and the real life practice of working in IT.

Therefore our aim is to bridge that gap. Marrying the theory of “How-stuff-works” to real world examples, exercises in easily creatable labs. Demonstrations across multiple platforms.

At the same time, complement this content with an online blog of daily tasks and issues we have performed and over come. Our thoughts, visions and concepts of where this world critical industry is going.

Our aim is not to create our own community of follows, but enhance the community around us.

For now, this website, the content, the ideas are still in their infancy, but we invite you to stay connected, offer your thoughts, and ultimately help shape our direction and your own education.


Many thanks

Dean (Linkedin)

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