HP 2920 Switch – Reboot issue on firmware ver 15.18.0006 #vDM30in30

Updated 25.11.15

Firmware WB.15.18.0007 resolves the issue, see below

A colleague of mine found an issue with the latest HP 2920 switch firmware.
If you create VLANs using the CLI Menu, the switch reboots and the configuration is not saved.

We have reported this to HP, but is currently being treated as a non critical issue as when creating a VLAN via the web interface or native CLI, the issue doesn’t happen.

We have also noticed on this firmware the switch seems to be less responsive. Luckily we had a few units in stock that we could replicate this issue on, and can confirm downgrading to the previous firmware version removes the issue.

A quick cheers to my colleague Marco for finding and researching this issue.

The issue

Switch: HP 2920-48G-POE+

Primary Image    :    12852982 08/12/15 WB.15.18.0006

Software revision  : WB.15.18.0006

  1.        Go to the Main Menu
  2.        Select (2) Switch Configuration…
  3.        Select (8) VLAN Menu…
  4.        Select (3) VLAN Port Assignment
  5.        Select Edit
  6.        Modify the tagging mode for a port
  7.        Select Save
  8.        Switch reboots and doesn’t save configuration

Hopefully HP will release a fix for this firmware soon, as mentioned we have recreated this issue in production and test.

The Fix

The following information was provided by HP Support.

WB.15.18.0007 has been released to support and contains the fix.

CR 180705:0000180705 – Crash – On switches running the 15.18.0006 software, applying configuration changes to the VLAN membership of ports in the CLI Menu may trigger a system crash. When this happens, a crash message similar to the following will be logged:

Health Monitor: Invalid Instr Misaligned Mem Access
HW Addr=0x00000000 IP=0x0 Task='mSnmpCtrl' Task ID=0xa995840 sp:0x4206ea8 lr:0x86400 msr: 0x02029200 xer: 0x00000000 cr: 0x24000400

Health Monitor: Restr Mem Access
HW Addr=0xdeb72bd4 IP=0xe3701a4 Task='mSnmpEvt' Task ID=0x3fb3afc0
sp:0x1171c890 lr:0xe36fff8
msr: 0x02029200 xer: 0x20000000 cr: 0x84000400
Software exception at hwBp.c:218 -- in 'fault_handler', task ID = 0x3f602c40

-> MemWatch Trigger: Offending task 'mSnmpEvt'. Offending IP=0xe380444



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