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How To Fix A PVC Stuck in Terminating Status in Kubernetes: Troubleshooting Guide

Having trouble deleting a persistent volume claim (PVC) stuck interminating status in Kubernetes/Openshift? We‘ve got the fix. Read on to learn how to patch the PVC to allow the final unmount and delete the PVC.

The Issue

Whilst working on a Kubernetes demo for a customer, I was cleaning up my environment and deleting persistent volume claims (PVC) that were no longer need.

I noticed that one PVC was stuck in “terminating” status for quite a while.

Kubernetes pvc terminating

Note: I am using the OC commands in place of kubectl due to this being a Openshift environment

The Cause

I had a quick google and found I needed to verify if the PVC is still attached to a node in the cluster.

kubectl get volumeattachment

I could see it was, and the reason behind this was the configuration for the PVC was not fully updated during the delete process.

Kubernetes pvc terminating kubectl get volumeattachment

The Fix

I found the fix on this github issue log .

You need to patch the PVC to set the “finalizers” setting to null, this allows the final unmount from the node, and the PVC can be deleted.

kubectl patch pvc {PVC_NAME} -p '{"metadata":{"finalizers":null}}'

Kubernetes pvc terminating kubectl patch pvc