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vRealize Operations – Where did my “Object Relationships” view go?

The Issue

From vRealize Operations 8.6.2, it’s been noticed that the “Object Relationships” page has disappeared from the navigation column/settings pages in the product UI.

The Cause

This page is being redesigned by the VMware team, and is hidden from view in current releases.

The Workaround

You can manually access the page by going to the following web page suffix:

  • ui/index.action#configure/object-relationships
    • For example
      • https://vrops.vmware.com/ui/index.action#configure/object-relationships

vRealize Operations - Object Relationships



Dean Lewis

One thought on “vRealize Operations – Where did my “Object Relationships” view go?

  1. Thank you !!!
    Running 8.10 and been searching for this page to figure out how my UCS Blades are connected to vSphere clusters. Btw, I think it only works when logged in as admin, because my user account with full permissions gave an empty page.

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