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vRealize Operations – Error: Failed to Test adapter instance – Finding Adapter Logs

The Issue

I had installed the “VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Horizon 1.2” into my vROPs instance, and tried to connect my Horizon instance, instantly hitting the helpful error message of:

Failed to Test adapter instance. Reason - Unknown Error. Please contact support team

Obviously, I’d probably done something wrong, but I didn’t want to just call support for help!

vROPs Horizon - failed to test adapter instance

Finding the Cause

So off to find the logs.

  • In the Administration Tab, scroll down on the left-hand navigation pane to Support
  • Select Logs
  • Expand the following folders > /{IP}-MASTER >COLLECTOR>adapters
    • Select the correct folder for your adapter type
  • Click the Log > Click the Blue Go button to load the log

vROPs Adapter Logs

The Fix

As we can see in this environment the issue was quite simple, an illegal character, turns out there was a space in my FQDN.

I correct this and success!

The main reason for this quick blog post, was to show how to find the logs for the adapters so you can troubleshoot things yourself first.


Dean Lewis


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