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Finally, a OneDrive for Business client for Mac OS X, that works!

Great news, Microsoft have finally got their backsides into gear, and produced a working OneDrive for Business Client, for Mac OS X. That actually works!

Two of the things that were keeping me from moving fully away from my windows machines were;

  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Visio

Now it looks as if I’m down to one reason, 🙂

You can read the official Office365 blog post here – Get started with the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client on Mac OS X.

One of the best features, is selective folder sync!

Installation and Setup
  1. Install the OneDrive App from the Apple AppStore.

If you have not setup OneDrive yet;

  • Open up terminal and enter the following commands
    • defaults write DefaultToBusinessFRE -bool True
    • defaults write EnableAddAccounts -bool True

Then open up your OneDrive app and sign in with your Business account.

If your have setup OneDrive with a personal account;

  • Quit OneDrive first, then launch Terminal and enter
    • defaults write EnableAddAccounts -bool True
  • Open OneDrive again, open up preferences,
  • Click the account tab, click “Add a business account”



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