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Applying the TSHOOT methodology to everything

Last exam of the year

The past few months I’ve forced my head into revision for the three CCNP exams, with two down, I have TSHOOT left to do, and I’m aiming to pass before Christmas Day. Which is a nice goal to have, but when I have to recertify next year, It’ll be around 24th December.

But currently, Cisco only requires you to pass one of the three exams to keep the CCNP.
The TSHOOT is an interesting exam, compared with others. It contains a small number of multiple answer based questions, however the bulk of the exam is sat around a pre-defined and publicly available topology, where within a simulator you troubleshoot various support tickets.


There’s even an online mock exam provided by Cisco, so you can get use to the way the simulator works before you sit the exam. To me, it’s very close to an open book exam, however having a busy work schedule, and a small amount of time to complete the exams, I personally will not have that much time to sit down and understand the topology inside out. So fingers crossed.

Using the TSHOOT study guide for something else

The first two chapters of the TSHOOT official study guide are actually a really good blueprint for infrastructure maintenance and troubleshooting which can be applied beyond that of just networking.
So that’s what I’m going to touch upon in this blog post.
Let’s start off with infrastructure maintenance, so this not only includes your network devices, but server and client hardware, the following are a few instances;Sample-network-diagram Continue reading Applying the TSHOOT methodology to everything

A look back on #vDM30in30 and blogging

So the #vDM30in30 challenge is over, which was started off by the guys from Virtual Design Master, and the challenge was to write 30 blog posts in 30 days. That’s all.

Why I took the challenge

I took up the challenge, because it was that, a challenge, I started the blog in April 2014, but only really started to post stuff on a regular basis in July 2014. With around 30 blog posts on the site, taking the 30 posts in 30 days doubles my content, and also my exposure.

itfeelslikeitstheend Continue reading A look back on #vDM30in30 and blogging

Veeam v8 – Backup Fails – NFC storage connection is unavailable

I encountered this issue on a brand new Veeam installation the other day. When running a test backup job.

"Error: NFC storage connection is unavailable, Storage: [stg-datastore-(Number),nfchost-host-(Number),conn:(ServerName)"


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