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Google Cloud – Invitation email not received – Project IAM role pending

The Issue

For me, it started off with having some odd issues in a GKE cluster, where I didn’t have permissions to do things at a cluster level. After some digging it pointed to the wrong IAM roles on the Google Cloud Project.

When I investigated this, I found I wasn’t yet confirmed as the owner of the project. It said an email was sent, but I had received nothing!

google cloud - IAM - Invitation sent pending acceptance

The Cause

Maybe something wrong with Googles SMTP? Or spam filters on the receivers side. But it doesn’t help you cannot resent the email!

The Fix

You can accept the invitation by going to the below link.[your-project-id]&account=[the-account-email-invited]&memberEmail=[the-account-email-invited]

Example[email protected]&[email protected]


Dean Lewis

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