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vRealize Automation – Deploying a GKE Cluster with Code Stream, add to Tanzu Mission Control & Tanzu Service Mesh

This walk-through will detail the technical configurations for using vRA Code Stream to deploy Google Kubernetes Clusters (GKE), register them as:

  • Kubernetes endpoints in vRA Cloud Assembly and Code Stream
  • An attached in Tanzu Mission Control
  • Onboard in Tanzu Service Mesh

This post mirrors my other blog posts following similar concepts:


After covering EKS and AKS, I thought it was worthwhile to finish off the gang and deploy GKE clusters using Code Stream.

Building on my previous work, I also added in the extra steps to onboard this cluster into Tanzu Service Mesh as well.

High Level Steps
  • Create a Code Stream Pipeline
    • Create a Google GKE Cluster
    • Create GKE cluster as endpoint in both vRA Code Stream and Cloud Assembly
    • Register GKE cluster in Tanzu Mission Control
    • Onboard the cluster to Tanzu Service Mesh
Creating a Code Stream Pipeline to deploy a Azure AKS Cluster and register the endpoints with vRA and Tanzu Mission Control
Create the variables to be used

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GKE – User cannot create resource – requires one of [“container.roles.create”] permission(s)

The Issue

I stood up my first ever GKE cluster! Woo, go me!

However when I was trying to setup Tanzu Service Mesh, I hit issues such as:

Error from server (Forbidden): error when creating "operator-deployment.yaml": roles.rbac.authorization.k8s.io is forbidden: User "[email protected]" cannot create resource "roles" in API group "rbac.authorization.k8s.io" in the namespace "vmware-system-tsm": requires one of ["container.roles.create"] permission(s).
The Cause

This is because your initial Kubernetes login has no cluster level permissions, due to the RBAC setup.

The Fix

You need to create some new Cluster Level roles and bind to them with your account, or use the existing ones.

As this is a demo environment. I just bound my account to the out-of-the-box cluster-admin ClusterLevelRole (that is a mouthful!).

kubectl create clusterrolebinding cluster-admin-binding \
--clusterrole=cluster-admin \
--user=[gcp user email]

# Example
kubectl create clusterrolebinding cluster-admin-binding \
--clusterrole=cluster-admin \
[email protected]

If you need to double check with google account you are using, you can run:

gcloud info | grep Account


Dean Lewis

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Google Cloud – Invitation email not received – Project IAM role pending

The Issue

For me, it started off with having some odd issues in a GKE cluster, where I didn’t have permissions to do things at a cluster level. After some digging it pointed to the wrong IAM roles on the Google Cloud Project.

When I investigated this, I found I wasn’t yet confirmed as the owner of the project. It said an email was sent, but I had received nothing!

google cloud - IAM - Invitation sent pending acceptance

The Cause

Maybe something wrong with Googles SMTP? Or spam filters on the receivers side. But it doesn’t help you cannot resent the email!

The Fix

You can accept the invitation by going to the below link.


https://console.cloud.google.com/invitation?project=veducate-demo&[email protected]&[email protected]


Dean Lewis