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VMworld2014 barcelona

#VMworld Day 3 & 4 – Final Notes

So I didnt get a change to write up Day 3 nor Day 4, but now I’m home, I can get into it as writing blog posts and uploading pictures from your iPad to wordpress isĀ  pretty horrific to be honest, I was getting ready to launch my said iPad towards the hang space screen during the keynote. Maybe its time to update to the new iPad

So my sessions covered EUC, VVOLS, Troubleshooting and more, with Day 4 being the best day of the whole week, I actually attended every session I was booked into.

Heres a view of the sun outside the conference center, incase your interested

2014-10-16 12.47.23

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#VMworld 2014 – Day 1

So day one is usually for two things, partner day, and Hands on Labs.

Unfortunately the session I was most hoping to see at partner day was “delivering best in class’s desktop virt. With horizon 6 and Cisco UCS”, I missed due to it starting 20 mins after my plane landed.

The flight was good, I managed to spot the #veeamfield, bit of a pain finding the coach to the conference centre, but least after my hotel problems, it’s only 200m up the road.


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