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Nimble Storage – How to update an array

In keeping with the whole Nimble is really to use theme, updates are the same,

lets take a look;

1. Open up your web portal to the Nimble Array, click on Administration and then Software.

2014-09-16_12-37-33 Nimble

2. Click the download button, select the update needed, and the progress will be displayed.

2014-09-15_15-23-04-0014Nimble 2014-09-15_15-23-13-0013Nimble 2014-09-15_15-29-39-0010Nimble

3. Now click the update button, Accept the EULA.

  • a health check will be performed ensuring both controllers can get to the correct LAN segments first;
  • Once passed the update will begin, going through 7 stages (some of the screenshots show these stages as well).

2014-09-15_15-37-06-0009Nimble 2014-09-15_15-37-31-0008Nimble 2014-09-15_15-37-39-0007Nimble 2014-09-15_15-37-51-0006Nimble

2014-09-15_15-52-08-0001Nimble 2014-09-15_15-50-33-0002Nimble 2014-09-15_15-46-10-0003Nimble 2014-09-15_15-44-13-0004Nimble 2014-09-15_15-41-26-0005Nimble

5. Once completed you will see the below screen, listing the new firmware as current, and the old firmware as previous;


It’s that quick and simple we even do this for customers during business hours and touch wood we have yet to have an issue!




Nimble Storage – How to configure a device from scratch (Using the CLI)

The other day, I posted about how to setup a volume on a Nimble Storage device, so this post is a bit backwards, as now we look at setting up a device from scratch using the CLI first rather than the Nimble Discovery tool. Lets get started;

1. Rack your device, cable it up, and power it on.

2. Connect the proprietary cable, and then your Null Modem cable to the serial port.

3. Putty or what have you using a baud of 115200

4. Login;

Username = admin

Password = admin

type “Setup” and enter to start the CLI based setup


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